Throughout my rantings, I use Wikipedia for the simple reason that it provides a definable source, right or wrong!. I have several sets of Britanica Encyclopedia. I find a lot of questionable entries in those well researched articles. So, if you really dispute the finding and the sources for the finding, challenge it. I would rather have a single source of definitions than to have to justify every definition I use.

The Truth -- What really is the TRUTH???

The truth is: a three edged sword...
Your Truth......Their Truth......The Truth

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During our discussions, I may refer to Rose Colored Glasses. What are Rose Colored Glasses?
I'm not sure where I found this definition, but I liked it, so here goes:

To have an unduly idealistic, optimistic, sentimental, or wistful perspective on or about something.
So when I refer to someone wearing Rose Colored Glasses, you will know what I mean.

I have often been accused of being a die hard "Star Trek" addict. Yet I remember my religion instructor at the University of Wingate saying:

We will never see things such as the Enterprise, the communicator or the Utopian society portraied in the show.
Oh well, can't win them all... Cause that is extactly what we will have...

My point is, I use the phrase

The world is hollow, for I have touched the sky!"
to express my sadness over another lie our Government tries to push.

This did come from Star Trek season 3 episode 8.

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