Let me put this as conscionably (defined as: being in conformity with one's conscience) as possible.

America was NOT discovered, it was INVADED!

America was NOT discovered, it was INVADED!

America was NOT discovered, it was INVADED!

America was NOT discovered, it was INVADED!

America was NOT discovered, it was INVADED!

America was NOT discovered, it was INVADED!

American was inhabited by the earliest of mankind, the NATIVE AMERICANS. There is a belief that early humans crossed what is now called Bering Land Bridge or a section of land now under the Bearing Sea. There is another chain of thought that early man crossed a simular Ice Bridge in the artic circle to come to North america. There is physical evidence to support both claims. The Clovis peoples on both coasts and evidence to support the differnces in the East coast Native Americans and the West coast Native Americans.

The great Native American nations populated every part of North, Middle and South America. From the Arctic Circle to the Antarctic, there were indigenous people. The world was not a void and empty place. They had built an entire society on the foundation that respect for the earth would bring forth its bounty and plenty, and it did. The indigenous people only took what they needed and allowed the natural beauty of this great land flourish. Their lives were full, just and meaningful. And then comes the white Europeans. The carried the word of God and small pox, and a host of marvels of the European culture. Gun powder, ball and shot, the rack, burning at the stake. (get back on track Bo..)

I can't think of anything more hypocritical and hurtful, than to name an entire era in American history after an individual who not only allowed but encouraged the decimation of the local people's for his reward. Columbus was looking for a back route to India so as to be able to make it safer than going around the horn of Africa or faster than land routes.

We honor Columbus due to a Catholic fraternal service organization. Knights of Columbus. The Knights of Columbus is the world's largest Catholic fraternal service organization. Founded by Father Michael J. McGivney in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1882, it was named in honor of the explorer Christopher Columbus. Back in the 1930's the Catholic Church needed a hero of Catholic religion background when they came upon the Knights of Columbus. In 1934 the Congress of the United States and President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed into law Columbus Day and it's been downhill ever since.

Now all of this hoopla hurts my head. First Columbus did not discover North America, he rather discovered the Caribbean islands. A Norse settlement was found in newfoundland that dates back 500 years before Columbus. So there is some debate over who did what, when, to whom!! I'm with the Norse settlement and Leif Erikson as the first Europeans to visit the North American continent since the land bridge during the Ice Age. Classification of indigenous peoples of the Americas

The colonial settlers considered themselves as righteous in claiming the new found territory as the property of some sovereign back in Europe. The land, being already occupied, was never a point of contention to the new European settlers. They had the power of their Christian God on their side. Even though the Native Americans already worshiped a Great Spirit that did not require their obedience.

So letís move on to the pilgrims.† First what is a pilgrim?† The dictionary defines a pilgrim as a person who journeys, especially a long distance, to some sacred place as an act of religious devotion. † Then there were the Plymouth Colony Pilgrims..† These were individuals that were persecuted due to their puritan views on Christianity.†Remember, the response to questioning power is, persecute, prosecute and execute. †Just ask Jesus, that is the reason he died on the cross, not for your sins. Yes siríre bob, them there Christians are as jealous of their beliefs as their LOVING GOD! †Believe my way or else, or love me or else!

Sorry, I digress:

After the pilgrims stole corn, beans and other material things from the graves of local Native Americans and burglarized a local home, they asked and received help from the indigenous people. Our traditional Thanksgiving! Had it not been for the Local Indigenous people, the pilgrims would have faced a very bleak winter.† Would they have survived, as some put it, or would they?† Weíll never know due to the kindness and generosity of those Native Americans.† They shared their corn, means of planting, how to fertilize with fish, how to harvest and storage.†The Pilgrims worked in harmony with the local people. The pilgrims were family people. If you look closely at our Capital dome you will see Lady Freedom Iroquois. For their part, they had established a federation within the local tribes and offered advise as to our FIRST confederation of states!

This is in grave difference than what was happening in the Virginia colonies. These were the puritan invaders with a Royal mandate, on a mission to rape and pillage the land to obtain as much wealth for the English Aristocracy. Yes these were the cruel religious zealots that crushed dissension by public execution of any individual that disagreed with the Church.

Do you understand what Manifest Destiny is? In the 19th century, manifest destiny was a widely held belief in the United States that its settlers were destined to expand across North America. There are three basic themes to manifest destiny:

In a nut shell of my own making, the crib notes short version is, the American colonizes are granted a God given right to expand across North America and to claim that land for themselves.†Any and all current occupants are to be removed in any means possible.†

A little selfish, since they were escaping a repressive Monarchy in Europe.†Between the Monarchy and the religious zealots, millions had died or converted to the Monarchyís religion or beliefs.

Yep, them there savages are ignorant due to the lack of Christian upbringing (donít get me started Bo!!), even though they worshiped the air they breathed, the water that sustained their life, the animals that gave their life so the savages could survive.† Most of all, the land, the most scared of all things, which gave them so much. So began the great American genocide. Over 100 million killed, another uncounted millions have died over the years from starvation, disease or just lost the will to live. They are denied their history, their heritage, their lands and their ancestral beliefs. The indigenous peoples did not even get to have freedom of religion until the American Indian Religious Freedom Act in 1978.

American Indian Wars
European colonization of the Americas
So there is issue number one native American rights...

OK, let's skip forward to Slavery in America. Yep we're the land of the free and home of the BIG LIE!! Do you remember the words "All men are created equal" from our Constitution, well we seem to be a might weak on the implementation of them there BOLD words!! The Dutch introduced the first captured Africans to America in 1619, planting the seeds of a slavery system that evolved into a nightmare of abuse and cruelty that would ultimately divide the nation and murder 620,000 - 700,000 young American lives on a lie. This is more than all the other wars combined. The Southern economy hinged on two things slavery or cheap labor and automation for cleaning cotton after it had been picked. Yes sir boss man, we pick you cotton and you give us pain and misery.

The practice of slavery degenerated into horrors unmentionable in polite company!! We're speaking of the acts of rape (both male and female), pedophilia (there was an illegal sex slave trade of children in New Orleans). This peculiar market was outlawed yet flourished until after the Civil war. Slaves were often mutilated, humiliated and derogated to the point of total extermination of their heritage. This lasted up until, until hummmmmmmmm seems it's still happening!!

Y'all know them civil war mouments y'all been'a argung about, let me be tell'en ya, they be there cause them uppty blacks needed to be intimidated and showed a leson! Mpst were installed in the 50s-60s to continue the degragation fo the black American people. Don't be fouled, they just divided us again like they did during the war.

President Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves through executive order know as the Emancipation Proclamation. Althought free, this started a whole new chapter in the history of cruelty in America. The Negro population had nowhere and no one to turn to for assistnace. After Lincoln was assasinated the era of reconstruction in the South turn rancid. It was posioned by the greed and plunder by the Northern war profiteers. Then the rise of an orginization that will haunt the consinence of America still today. The Klu Klux Klan or KKK. I went to school in North Carolina in the 60s-70s. I remember being told that the KKK was originated to protect the poor uneducated white Southern Man from them Northern Carpet Baggers. Like every lie, it fell apart the moment I was exposaed to alternate points of view. I began to question my entire upbringing and found that much of what I was taught in school was, extermely misleading or just a down right lie. It fucked with my head for a long while. The blacks have had to tolerate the blood shed continuing to modern day. Lynching, boiling in oil, skinning alive, destruction of homes and businesses. In Florida, an entire town Rosewood, Florida was murdered and burned to the ground.

They were freed and then forgotten until the late fifties when the Civil Rights movment started. Remember those big words in our constitution, well they are called Civil and political rights. In America Civil rights movement began in 1954 and has continued ever since. When someone says the Civil rights movement is over, remind them of the unarmed black men that have been murdered by our police departments. The number of schools that are forgotten because inferiors go there. And believe me when I say, this is still a main issue for the blank community today.

The Civil War was the third instance of the 1% convenceing the 99% that their way of life was under attack by the Northern central government. Trusting what was told to them by the people they considered educated and truthful, they took up arms. After the war was over, there was a purposeful effort to blame the loss and reprehensiable conditions brought on by the capet baggers on the freed slaves. Again, the 1% tells the poor uneducated white Southern Man that all his problems came from the poor uneducated black free man. Now I want you to keep this style of true propaganda in the back of your mind, I will show you examples of how the 1% have used that very propaganda routine to kick your ass and make you like it and ask for more. As my Dad would say, Tell them to go to hell and make it so they look forward to the trip Much like they still do, just with greater sophistication than ever before.

The truly tragic part of the whole thing, at the hands of our forfathers, 60 million human beings died, either in capture, transport, training and the most unimagiable cruel labor required. They were literally considered an asset to the colonial slavers.

So there is issue number two Afican-American rights..

OK, let's skip forward to the Louisiana Purchase.

It seems that no one really want the Louisiana territory in the first place. Sort of boring...

OK, let's skip forward to the "Southwest expansion". Another American Legend to fall to the disingenuous writters of history!! Remember, to the winner goes the spoils and rewritting of history!!!

The greater Southwest region of the United States was stolen from Mexico. Mexico was engaged in a bloody civil war with France as the colonial settlers migrated west destroying everything in their path. Land, animal it didn't matter. Buffalo and Beaver for elite to have warm coats while the labor was left to fend for themselves. Buffalo hunters could decimate an entire herd in a single day. Thousands of animals killed, skinned and the meat abandoned to rot in the sun. This was so alien to the Native Americans, that they could only conclude that an ominous sprit was moving across their land. How right they were. Colonial migrates with a mission from God, go forth and claim this land of milk and honey. Once, when the military saw an opportunity to wipe out the main source of food and clothing for the Southwest and Plains Native Americans, they hired buffalo hunters to decimate the entire species of Bison. They say the bison skulls were piled so high you could not see the top.

Want to know what it looked like ?

I mention this to draw your attention to the fact that the colonial migration was one of horrifying proportions, more crimes against humanity.

Again I digress...

So Mexico is off fighting the French, attempting to get back what was rightfully theirs while the colonial migrates following the Manifest Destiny (remember remove any indigenous peoples) occupy a portion of the Southwest and proudly claim it as the republic of Texas. Well those defenders of the Alamo were actually invaders and conquers, stealing portions of Mexico. The Mexican peoples living there became second or third class citizens in their own country. Sort of like what's happening here today. There were battles and like all battles, the poor ignorant common man was called upon to do the dirty work with promises of reward. So once again, American 1% uses the 99% to enrich themselves and leave the others to fend for themselves.

So being depleted, the Mexican Government had to negotiate a settlement that gave the Southwest Portion to the United States. More blood and mud and Ö

Admiral Yamamoto, after hearing the reports from Pearl Harbor stated:

I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.

We are that sleeping giant and we need to be awakened.  There are far too many people in the United States that are totally unaware that they are being lied to.  We were all raised to believe that what was told to us on the evening news, was the truth.  If the truth turns out to fail the accuracy test, another broadcast news would be more than happy to correct them.

That's not an insult to you, it is the difference between the education I received and what I see my GrandChildren receiveing. Now the age of ignorance is upon us. That is not an insult either. You see, they have systemactically removed vital information from the public school environment, either claiming it did nothing to enhance the students experience or provide useful information. First you have to understand that when I was growing up, we had free and unadulterated access to a Cornucopia of chooses to obtain new information.  Most every public library had access to books, books and more books, newspapers, magazines and reference notes from every corner of world.  If they didnít have a specific copy you needed for your research, you could order it.  With that you could see what people were saying about the subject you were interested in. Oh yea, you needed to truly know how to read and use a dictionary.  No slight, I just remember reading tons of new words and had no idea what they meant.  I complained to my English instructor at the time, a Mrs. Rosenberg, who said to buy a dictionary and as I read a section to copy down the words I didnít understand.  After completing my first reading, go back look up each word and its definition and then reread the article.   You may say thatís a lot of work but, I found I had several misconceptions of some of the words. These misconceptions actually changed the focus of the article.  Sometimes leaning to the truth and sometimes, more often than not, leaned to a false hood.  If I had not looked up the words, I would have gone forward with a total false hood as if it was the truth.  For me personally, Iíve found that the more eloquent speakers and writers, the more they tend to loss the average person.