Your public school system is being systematically destroyed by your government!

So what are Edumacation?

Well the dictionary defines education as:


The act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for a mature life.

Remember this always, "What you learn frames a part of what you become!"

So, to me, this says that your education should be of a level that you can develop critical thinking skills. The ability to do a level of math so the used car salesman can't cheat you. You can count change when you make/receive it. So you will be able to help your children have a better life. (very important to me) When I was in school, we covered everything for how to brush our teeth in elementary school up to Home Ec. In high school. Plus, while in high school, they offered shop class, where you learned to make things with your hands. We had gym class where everyone ran, played football, baseball, dodge ball or just plain, let's hit so-and-so with the ball. All of this was paid for by county taxes by our parents. I never remember by parents complaining about the school board tax. My parents belongs to the PTA (Parents and Teacher Association). This was where the parents and teachers got together and worked out issues concerning school activities. A lot of new school play grounds got build because of organizations such as this. New buses, chalk boards, gym equipment, ball fields and just about anything their school needed for education. I remember the group would visit with the parents of children that were having trouble in school, either socially or academically. They prevented kids from dropping out due to poor grades. Parents volunteered to do after school programs, addition guidance for any subject. Generally, they were involved with the school. IT WAS, AFTER ALL, A NEIGHBORHOOD SCHOOL. Now, we are supposed to control our school board through vote, but of late, a tremendous number of school boards are becoming appointed positions without public comment. Do you know who is on your school board? Now more than ever, we need to watch our school boards due to a covert (concealed; secret; disguised) process is underway to destroy OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS in favor of the CORPORATIONS SCHOOLS. Now I'm scared!

So, back in the day, what did we learn in elementary school? Well, for me, it was my ABCs, Numbers, addition, subtraction, long division, local history and just general things about our community. Junior high or middle school, was the introduction of individual classes for each topic. We were introduced to gym class and jock straps. -_- We started into fractions, the number line and an introduction to algebra. High school was that period where you needed to decide what your ambitions were, other than the girl for the weekend. I remember taking an aptitude test. Showed I was good at mechanics, music and math (my father had a PhD in mathematics). I have a lamp, even today, which I made in shop class. Lathed it out, wired it up, bought a lamp shade and presto, let there be light. High school was that time when you learned to deal with bullies, prissy ass people, really smart people and how to seek out those that fit your comfort zone. For me, it was the hippies!

I hear people say they wish they had paid more attention in school. I don't blame them. You see, at one point I my life, I was diagnosed with an inability to learn. I was to be relegated to the SLOW class. Well a kindly old doctor took one look at me and said, the boy is bored. Give him a challenge and he'll do fine. Little did he know, I would spend my life with one challenge after another! You see, after years of draining vital resources for our public schools, they sit around and complain the public school system is a failure. No, the people who destroyed our public schools are the failures. We need to get back to the community school system. NO, I do not wish to segregate our schools. Why can't all schools within district have equal educational capabilities? First, this testing crap has got to go. Remember the definition of education, well we need to get back to the three R's. Southern joke coming up Redn, riten and ritmatic I can remember people actually saying this. But now I understand what they meant. It's the basics that are lost. A resent high school grand came by to see me. He was ecstatic, his first true bank account. I asked, Do you know how to balance a checkbook? The bank said it was on the back of my statement. He replied Of course when his first statement came in and he couldn't balance it, he came back. I showed him how to do it. This was something that was taught in Home Ec, along with cleaning, cooking and doing laundry. Most of the people I grew up with went on to work within the community. This is why COMMUNITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS ARE SO IMPORTANT. Let me say this again. COMMUNITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS ARE SO IMPORTANT!!!! The schools would work with community businesses to be sure, that those with only a high school education, could be full and useful citizens within the community.

You ever wonder why they called them community schools, well it's because the school use to be located within the community. Now that they have our schools so cluster f**ked that you, me or anyone can recognize them, what do we do? What do we do.

Growing up, my Father would tell me that he wanted all his children to have a better life than he did. He went on to explain, that it would be my duty to see to it that my children received the best education humanly possible. Well, somewhere along the line, I dropped the ball and both of my children turned out extraordinarily well. I attribute that to the patients of my Ex-Wife. She's pretty damn smart herself.. Both of my children turned out way ahead of me, and when I look back, I'm proud of both beyond anything they could image.

Now I and my children were products of the Read'en, riten and Rithmetic era. Which means that in the beginning you get a solid base, you need to be able to read, write and cipher (work with numbers). I bet right now there are people who could not make change, without the help of a mechanical device. calculator, cash register.. (etc) Now those people are going through life thinking they are not intelligent, they are some how damaged or broken. NOT TRUE... You have the been cheated of your birth right, a free and open education focusing on reading writing and arithmetic.

They have tested each child and decided where they belonged. Yep, tested me and said, to the slow learners class. He refuses to conform to our standards. Why are more children leaving school unable to even read. OH NO YOU DON'T... The blame is squarely on the parents who have become accustomed to just letting the schools handle it.

Case in point!! I took one of my children to meet their fifth grade teacher at the beginning of the year. The teacher told everyone about the exciting year ahead for their children. At the end of her lecture she explained that she believed in corporal punishment. She even pulled out a paddle. I of course raised my hand and explained to her in no uncertain terms, that whatever punishment my child needed was my issue and if she ever even came close to my child with that paddle, she'd better leave the state, because there would be no power in hell to keep me from doing the same to her. She asked if I was threatening her and I explained that it was an absolute PROMIS!!! Needless to say, that I was once again called to the principles office and told that was school policy. As I explained to him, if anyone in that school touched my child without my explicit permission, I would do the exact same to him (period). He was not amused and neither was I.

I explained that my brother, at around 8-9 years old was given corporeal punishment to the tune of a hospital stay. Can you believe the Gaul of the school board attorney to say if my Mother pressed charges, the teachers career would be ruined. No, this was in the 60's not now. As my parents told the attorney, she had better leave town, because they were going to do a newspaper spread on the school, the principle, the attorney and the teacher. Needless to say, back then, the local newspaper and radio and TV would have carried it. Today, that would not be covered because it might expose the corruption in our schools.

How did we get here and what can we do to right the situation???

First let me say I was raised and educated in North Carolina in the 50's - 60's. Along with that came a slightly slanted education. I do remember standing every morning and indoctrinating myself to be obedient to the country. Next was the idea that America was founded on the Christian Believe of God given right to claim the land and remake in the image of Europe. Not really, make it into the image the Church of England, which was in full control of all the expeditions except one. The church did not recognize the rights of any indigenous people. This set into motion the genocide of over 100 million human beings, in the name of the White Mans God. Yet the way it was taught, was as if it was OK they were savages. I can even remember cheering on Saturday morning when the cowboy killed the dirty red man. How God had helped America become great, wait for it, barf...

Durinhg the Civil Rights movement, a law suit claiming School segregation in the United States Brown v. Board of Education

You need to look into your school budget and see when they began refunding your school so they could tell you it's failing you. Get rid of the stupidity of the fucking Piled Higher and Deeper (PhD) in your school districts. Yes boy, they can talk, but you know what, it time to take back your schools, for your sake and your children's sake. These people have talked you right out of educating your children. Time to get back to real school'en. Reading, Riting and Rithmetic... The three Rs. All joking aside. Back to basics. At least then, you will not end up with a community unable to add, subtract, multiply and divide, that has absolute no employment opportunity, no place for the young to find fulfillment of their dreams. The school District has to once again become part of the community schools.

When education becomes merchandise, does it lose its social value??

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