We live in a police state!!

So what is it and how do we rid of it??? First what is a Police state?

If you condone Police brutality and allow it to become a common occurance without wide ranging protests; you're either afrain of your own Law Enforcement or you feel protesting will make you a target! Either way, you lose. So when they beat your Mother, Father, Brother , Sister , Son or Daughter and claimed they were in fear of their life. When they haul your neighbor away at two in the morning and you're told to mind your own business! I recommend you make it your business or as they say when they came for you, there was no one there. We've been told to go away and mind our own business, this is police business! Well the police work for you, so in effect, you are their supervisor! Get a rating system that is uniform and as standard as possible and giving them a weekly , monthly , or whatever review. Start a community watch group, not just for the suspicious characters, but also to keep track of the activities of your local law enforment!!

Anytime an officer discharges his

Start a community services center to assist those individuals that have fallen through the cracks and are now tragets for the "For-Profit-Prison" System. suppress the undesirables...

A little help here!

Check out the number of violent acts police have carried out.

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