The Pharmaceutical industry is killing us!

  Don't put poison in your body!!!! 

Now I have 65+ years of living under my belt and was part of the 1951 polio epidemic in this country. I have never shied away from doctors. I believe them to be human beings with literal training on the function of the human body. They come with human frailties and emotions, but one thing that absolutely grinds-by-gears (sorry Homer) is today's medications.

I find it astounding that a Doctor's creed starts with "DO NO HARM." When the doctor offers medications to me, my first question is always, "do the benefits far out weight the side effects?" If he answers yes and the medication guide bears them out, I will take it. Otherwise, unless the doctor can look me in the eyes and say take it or (possibly) die, I will kindly refuse it.

Recently, I have had a significant change in by lower back due to the polio. The pain has been immense. So I was off to visit my doctor. Now I love my doctor, he is both a friend and my physician. He has only once looked at me and said "Bo, if you don't take this medication you could very possibly pop a cork!" He was dead serious, so I am taking this med and working on my weight loss, 60 lbs. so far and getting to where I should be. Fighting trim of 175lbs.. So when I went in for my back pain his PA saw me. I don't mind, he is also a teaching doctor and I think practical experience far outweighs BOOK LEARN'EN. In this case I had to educate. First my blood pressure is finally coming under control and this young lady prescribes me an NSAID medication to lower the inflammation in my spine. Be sure you check the list to see if you are taking any of the medications listed there. Well I went by the drug store and got the prescription and went home. I was in so much pain I completely missed everything. When I arrived home I began reading the medication insert, something everyone should do, that came from CVS. This was an NSAID which can and will raise my blood pressure. The problem as I see it is most new doctors, PAs, RNs all depend on what the pharmaceutical companies are telling them and not on their knowledge or education. First they have far too many patients and not enough time. Next they have only moments to brief themselves on who the patient is they are going in to see. Of course it is also the patient's responsibility to be educated to some degree as to not totally trust, but to question what is being told. So I made sure it was placed in my record that I don't take NSAIDs. If your doctor is an in and out type, quit them and find one that pulls up a chair like mine does and asks, "so what dumb thing have you done now.. Bo?"

Antibiotics are a pet peeve of mine. I see people today running themselves or their children to the doctor when they get the slightest sniffle. Give it at least three days unless the sniffle is a drastic one. You know, if today's world is so dirty, that people are getting and/or dying from common ailments, we need to question our environment, not ourselves. Yet every day I hear about a new strain of this or that has become antibiotic resistant. Why, because everyone is taking the damn shit, not following the instructions and leaving yourself out when you get to your old age. Your body will become so accustomed to the shit they will do you no good when you really need them.

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