At the time of the 1929 crash,
the president of the Chase National Bank said:

We are reaping the natural fruit of the orgy of speculation in which millions of people have indulged. It was inevitable, because of the tremendous increase in the number of stockholders in recent years, that the number of sellers would be greater than ever when the boom ended and selling took the place of buying.

Today, Feburary 18, 2019: President Trump has announced that the trade talks are going very well. Where in fact, accourding to individuals familiar with the talks say the trade talks are going badly, yet the stock market is almost ready to set new record highs. Gold is heading to 1400 an oz. and the U.S. Navy is helping everything by threatenibng the Russian and Chinese Navies with harassment. Now you may be sitting here cheering on the United States as if we were all powerful. Well kid let me tell you what I think will happen in the coming months.

One: The Chinese are not going to capitulate to our demands. On the 1st of March they will once again close their markets to U.S. imports. It will continue to trade with Russia and Iran and Venezuela. The Chinese and Russians will dump our Treasury Bonds onto the market making our bonds worthless. Next they will trigger a flash crash of our "Federal Reserver Note" system making the currency we use to blackmail counties worthless. Banks could very easly run out of capital which in turn will cause a, never before seen in our time, no cash at the ATM to buy grociers with, pay the rent, pay the water bill or anything you would just normally do.

Two: When the Chinese close their trade to the U.S. it will cause a very shape decrease in our stock market. I estimate, based uypon listening to the experts, we sill lose 20-30% of the market in the first few days of the rout. China and Russia will be blamned. Europe will decend into chaous and rioting (as if it hasn't already). The Stock Market will continue it's downward spiral until it reachs approximatly half the value it is currently.

Third: and probably the most important is, people in the large cities will be trapped without food, water, medicine or any of the aminities that they have grown accustom to. They will not be able to go to the local store and buy groceries because there will nbot be any. As the rioting breaks out over lack of the basic requirements of life. The police, that we've militeried will murder innocents in the street without fear of retribution.

Today, January 21, 2019: the first signs of cracks in the trade talks with China. They revolve around China's internal security and the threat WE pose. In addition, there are rumors floating around, that President Trump will issue an executive order that Huawei Communications will be excluded from our telecommunications upgrade to 5G. (5G people will die of brain cancer that keep that type of frequency to their head) You have to remember that in the Interest of National Security, the United States must be the leader in 5G installments. Of course, the NSA can't capture the communication across a Huawei and ZTE phones and equipment. Makes one go Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Israel is said to be attacking Iranian targets in Syria. NO, Israel, the Zionist criminal nation, is doing everything it can to provoke a war with the remainder of the Middle East.

President Xi Jinping on Monday called for stablizing risks for a future growth economy. In addition, he pointed out that some had lost the faith and will in the Communist party. He called for a re-gaining of that faith in China.

Shit, the United States is already Locked & Loaded as United States envoy to the United Nations Nikki Haley said!

The financial crash occurs, they will find some method of blaming Russians! (i.e. Russian trolls spread rumors about suchandsuch. Russian trolls have attacked the very soul of our democracy! Our very way of life is in danger, we must retaliate against Russia!) You get the picture..

The world is slowly dropping the dollar or dollarization in parts of the world!

Russia and China sell off United States Treasury bonds and buy cheap real gold while the United States Government suppresses prices of paper gold!!

US economy like the Titanic, moving towards iceberg at full steam ahead - economist

We must rise up and stop World War III to cover up the collapse of Criminal Global Corporate Capitalism.

  1. The petro-dollar is losing its ability to control the world markets..
  2. In the past, if you wanted to buy Middle East oil, you first had to buy United States Dollars.
  3. Our entire Economic structure is perpetrated upon the Petro-Dollar and creating debt.
  4. Our economic stance is at this time, is very weak in the world.

  5. China has dropped the dollar and ridded itself of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Central Bank or World Bank and the Rothschild banking system. (Our federal Reserve)
  6. China, who they say owns our debt, is operating its economy at 240% of their Gross Domestic Production (GDP).
  7. (OK, just hold on and I'll explain) In the old monetary theory, you can't spend more than you generate through your economic output (GDP). I guess someone failed to explain to China that is a no-no.
  8. The Chinese have dropped the U.S. dollar as its trade currency and now operating freely throughout the world with the Yuan which is Gold backed.
  9. China is the world's largest consumer of oil.
  10. China has launched the petro-yuan. This is in direct competition with our petro-dollar.
  11. If you want to sell oil to China, you first have to buy their yuan. In the past, the dollar was their currency for all trade transactions.

  12. Russia has dropped the dollar and ridded itself of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Central Bank or World Bank, the Rothschild banking system. (Our federal Reserve)
  13. Russia is now trading with its own currency and now operates as China does.
  14. Russia's economy is much stronger than our government wants you to believe
  15. Russia has stabilized its economy by no longer using the United States Dollar.
  16. They have much more oil and gas to sell than the US does.
    1. Hence the war in the Middle East.
    2. The United States does not want Russia, China, Syria or Iran to tap those oil reserves.

  17. Iran now uses the Euro for oil trading.
  18. North Korea has never used the United States dollar.

  19. China, Russia and Iran are developing a mutual defense treaty. Attack one, attack all.
  20. Venezuela, which has a large Oil reserve, has dropped the United States dollar, the IMF, Central or World Bank, and the Rothschild Banking System (Our Federal Reserve)
  21. Bolivia which has an abundance of goods and services (fruit, vegies, things of that nature, which the United States is boycotting, due to their lack of submission.
  22. Bolivia has joined the world of the free by dropping the United States dollar, the IMF, Central or World Bank, and the Rothschild Banking System (Our Federal Reserve)

  23. The world banks have colluded with members of Wall Street to artificially create this economic bubble. In other words, after the 2008 financial crash, they removed the banking regulations regarding banks and Wall Street working together. Congress just recently Prior to this, the US central bank and all other world banks were not allowed to prop up the Wall Street corporations around the world. If our Central Bank overextended itself, it simply called the Japanese Central Bank and tell them that the US bank was diversifying its holding for a while and would they pick up they sells. This maintained the false integrity of the stock market.
  24. Now you have Russia, China, Iran and North Korea all trading with South America and other Asian countries and refusing to use our currency. Who was it that was named as our global enemies, was it Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. So now they will want far more defense dollars for this threat
  25. China has re-established their old Silk Road trading partners in a fair and equal trade agreement manner, unlike we do.

So what does this all have to do with the stock market?? The world banks will not be able to maintain the demands made for corporate profitability for much longer. Corporate profitability has already shown a weakness even thought everyone believes that the rise in stock market value is a health measurement. The market CAN NOT SUSTAIN ITSELF without some adjustment in how things are going. The biggest adjustment will come when they try once again to move profits up and debt down, like Obama did at the beginning of his first year. I know it's a lot to absorb, but one economist put it this way, we currently are experiencing an EVERYTHING bubble, meaning; when this one burst, it will make the great depression look like a cake walk. It is not if, it is when.

The week of 4-29 through 5-5 saw the Russians reducing its wheat sale by almost 45% to Europe and is selling it to China. In addition, Russia and China have resolved the exchange between the Russian and Chinese currencies. No more Central Bank of the Rothschild to get in the Way. Russia and Iran are working out a trade deal. China and North Korea are working on a defense treaty that would prevent the United States from invading the Koreans. I'm sure the Defense Department will have something to say about that. It would limit the amount of weaponry that the United States will be able to sell. Ops, stumped your toe on that one...


Russia and China purchased large sums of U. S. debt. Remember, the banking cartel, Bush, Obama and now Trump have created a staggering 21 trillion dollars (21,000,000,000,000.00), and counting, of debt in your name. Your signature is on the I.O.Us, you have to stand good for them... Or do you???

The Russians and Chinese have slowly sold off their debt holdings due to the fatal weakness of the dollar. Yet, they have retained just enough, that should the U.S. play GOD, they dump their current holdings and devalue their currencies and lower their import tariffs for some countries, not the U. S., so exports look a whole lot better to our competitors..

China has developed a system known as the belt and road. It is a group of trading partners that will create a true Euroasia trading block that will rival no one!

I didn't quit understand the bond issue until just recently. When the Chinese and Russians purchased Treasury bonds from us the interest rate was in the 4,5,6 and up range. Now they've held those bonds until now receiving interest payments on them. Now, the U. S. Treasury has place bonds on the market at 2.3 percent interest required to sell to meet our debt payment. At the same time, China places the same amount of U. S. Bonds on the market with a greater interest rate and no one purchases ours. This turmoil causes a weakening of the U. S. Federal reserve note which in turn brings down the security of our corporate bonds. At this point corporate bonds are one notch about junk bonds.

I heard the,"SO?" So when they dump so much on the market, it might/could/possibly/will trigger a response in all those countries that currently hold our debt.

SO, if the other countries see this rush to dump our debt, will cause a devaluation of the U. S. Dollar oops sorry, the U. S. Federal Reserve note...

I don't care rather you believe me or not and I apologize I can't explain how I come by all of this information, but it is true and verifiable, if you want.

We may have other disagreements, but this is truly going to hurt us all. Prep now for there will be no other time to do it!!!

Let me see if I can explain what I've learned lately.

Yes, I know it's from Russian Television, do you think for an instant, our Mainstream Media will tell the truth??? Well do ya???

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