There is no such thing as a good guy with a gun!

I just recently, today being Aug. 3, 2018, participated in a discussion regarding the second amendment. I do agree, the amendment gives a class of individuals the right to own and bear arms. Those individuals who are part of a recognized militia and are prepared to go fight for the United States, either internal or external, are members of this class. Sorry, but if you ain't ready to go fight for this country, then why have a weapon at all?

OH, it's so you can defend yourself from an incoming missle, controlled by some asshole in a bunker, in the middle of some God forsaken place, with a high exsplosive warhead. Right dead center of your bedroom window and swear on a stack of bibles, they were terrorist!, they had exsplosives stored there!, they were radicalized online!, they were working against your government!, they receieved their training online!

OK, I agree, if you want a weapon of somesort for home protection, then by all means, get one!!! But remember this, more people are killed with their own weapon, than any other means! That includes the Suicide rate!! Don't be fuckover by the gun store clerk, no you don't need a semiautomatic weapon to defend your home. I have two antique shotguns, a .22 rifle that I receieved at age 15! I also have a whole array of paint ball guns and ammunition. I'm against takeing a life, any life. I'd rather subdue them with paint balls than kill them with a shotgun blast. The blood is sooooooooo difficult to clean up. As an absolute last resort, I have a 5 round 410 gauge pistola. It will kill at close range and will not kill my neighbor by punching through the your wall, the neighbor's wall and enter their bedroom.

The biggest complaint I heard, was gun registration. Gun registration was illegal and you didn't want your government to have a list of whom owns guns, what type of guns and mental fitness. I agreed, yet asked who they had their gun insurance through. They indicated, in the majority, that they receieved a policy through membership in the National Rifle Assiociation (NRA). I asked if they had to list the guns they were insuring? Each replied yes. So the insurance company that works for the NRA has a complete list of who, where, what type, and fitness is in the hands of the local authorities.

Let that sink in OK??

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