Your media is owned by the 1% and is the primary propaganda machine!

For me, most urgent need is to break up our media and return to the original rules of the airwaves.

Our Media and the Freedom of the Press

Our first amendment to the constitution.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

We will leave the first section regarding religion to another rant later on. So what does it mean or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press;

Well for me it means the Government CAN NOT restrict what we wish to say. It does not apply between citizens. We each have the right to say as we desire, with the cavort of slander or hate speech. Yet, who gets to define what hate speech is. Is hate speech, saying that your government is corrupt and we need a political revolution? Is hate speech calling for the end of wars? Is hate speech calling for health care for all? Not that anyone from the government would try and stop you, just that if your words cause people to break the law, you stand responsible. Yet again, if I call for a peaceful demonstration and it ends up as a police riot, did you incite the people or did the police? Look up the 1968 Chicago Police Riot and the 7 protesters who went to jail!!

Riddle me this Batman

If our Constitution says that the government shall not abridge our freedom of speech, or of the press; does that not mandate a fiduciary duty to be diligent of anything that the government does that might abridge our freedom of the press? Then, does removing the limitations of ownership constitute a breach of fiduciary duty? I guess we will never know!!

What I'm about to do, will seem so radical, it will blow your mind. Take my challenge, for one whole week, 24/7, turn off all of the Mainstream Media News to include your local news. Get up, walk around and stretch really good, cause what I'm about to tell you will seem fantastic!

What I hope you discover is a whole new way of getting your news. No matter where you turn in our mainstream Media you are being lied to. Think about it, what do you actually hear? Is it not the drums of war, no matter, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, AP, etc, etc, etc. No matter what group it is, they are pushing the Government line and echo chamber for the CIA. Remember, the CIA, State Department and Defense Department are actually one entity. Truth (CIA), Justice (State Department) and the American Way (defense Department).

Albert Einstine once said:
---Organization is for fools, it takes a genious to rule over chaos
---imagination is more important that knowledge
---The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.

When I was young, I worked on getting my amateur radio license and my commercial license. Had a blast with WTOB and WAIR my hometown radio stations. I never really thought about the FCC regulations until a very fateful night. One of the DJ's at WTOB took a bottle to work with him and preceded to lock himself in the broadcast studio and broke all the rules for broadcasting. First, he said the seven words the FCC forbid you to speak and repeated them at the top and bottom of the hour instead of the news, weather and sports. All the while he was playing the song Shake a Tail Feather, if you're not familiar with the song, here's a link, it is interesting.. Shake a Tail Feather. Needless to say he lost his license and was charged with, whatelse, "criminal mischief", but he put a smile on a lot of young faces, he stuck it to the man!!! I became fully aware of the FCC regulations from that point on.

Want to see with the Flying Dutchman?

First and foremost, back then they were called the PUBLIC AIRWAVES for the use of the community. I remember the FCC regulations on what was able to be done on the PUBLIC AIRWAVES . That is what they were, the PUBLIC AIRWAVES, meaning it belongs to us, the American public. These were designated for the use of the local community. The FCC was intended to help us determine the best use of the different radio frequency spectrums. Not to inhibit the open use of OUR PUBLIC AIRWAVES But it wasn't to be, thanks to President William Clinton, who signed the Telecommunications Act of 1996. This basically gave all our PUBLIC AIRWAVES to the corporations. Then began the transition from a the greatest tool man has ever created, into the greatest propaganda machine the world has ever seen. In this effect, I feel the government has sidestepped the first amendment. It is abridging our freedom of speech and of the press, by allowing so few to own so much of our PUBLIC AIRWAVES.

This is how I remember the rules from back in the day!

First, no single entity could own more than one newspaper, one radio station and/or one magazine in any single market. This was intended to prevent a Concentration of Ownership. This kept us from what we now have, six (6) corporations own 99% of our media. So what means, if some group, say Not Ready for Prime Time Players (Saturday Night Live), would never get air time. Why, because they criticize our government! Yet back then, it was advantage to have the competition of several MAJOR corporations vying for recognition and market share. Remember OUR PUBLIC AIRWAVES.

So your Government is actually violating our First Amendment rights by allowing this concentration of ownership of control, manipulate and just plain destrution of the truth!!

To use OUR PUBLIC AIRWAVES you were restricted from communicating anything harmful to the PUBLIC WELFARE. (i.e. NO LYING!!!)

On this morning news broadcast I heard that it was illegal for you to go to WikiLeaks and read the documents posted there!
Well that was a LIE. It is not illegal to read the documents on WikiLeaks, it is that they are derogatory to the Corporate Democrats.
You were restricted from acting as if you are reporting on factual incident, when in fact you completely, change the tone of what is happening. That is what has happened currently with our media. For example, the Main Stream Media reported that the Hillary Clinton campaign was hacked by the Russians. Now it is still not proven that the Russians did the deed. Yet, as long as the media continue to mention it, it will stay in the minds of thier viewers. It will prevent an honest person from knowing the truth. The truth is, the DNC rigged the election and pushed Bernie Sanders out. The WikiLeaks Postada E-Mails prove that.

The Internet

The Internet is probably the most important communications resource we have. Instantaneously, we can have images and sounds from anywhere in the world. If something happens anywhere in the world, we can watch and listen while it is occuring. It brings countries together so that old misconceptions can be over come. BUT WAIT, since the on set of the 2016 Presidental Primaries and election, a great number of people have raised up and said the Internet was a tool of propaganda and that it needed to be supervised better. I fear all they are doing is removing our protections and privacy as the first step in censoring open and free communications. They are now debating the removal of Net Neutrality laws. What would this mean to you?? First, if a service provider, let's says AT&T or Comcast decides they don't like you, they can just turn you off. If you own a website they could censor you on thier network. You say, as I did, they own it, so why should they not be allowed to use it any way they wish. Well for starters, you paid for the development and provided LARGE incentives for the build out. You financed the research that was to become the modern Internet, it was called the Advanced Research Project Agency Network! or ARPANET. It was initially designed to survive a nuclear attack and selfheal, using the Internet Protocols (IP) addressing. You financed the construction, (along with the Porno industry) of the Internet through tax incentives to the major telecommunications corporations. If they take that away from us, an open and free Internet, we are no better than the slaves of yesteryear. We would be fools to allow this to happen.


Without a dissenting voice, everything you read, hear or view is in question!!! If there is no check and balance to our media, we must hope that what we are being provided is accurate. Of late, the biggest purveyor of "FAKE NEWS" has been our media that is owned by the wealthiest 1%. (i.e. refer back to the Concentration of Ownership.)

You may not realize the sweeping effect the news has on you, it sways your opinions on the issues. It convences you of whom your enemy is, the migrante, the poor, the Irish, the French, or just a convenent target to distract you from truly important actions occuring. America has been lied to for years regarding who controls the reins of power!!

In the late Sixties, the CIA came up with plans on slowly generating propaganda for the US media. Operation Mockingbird. They ran test pieces on the average American by inserting certain news stories in the evening news casts. You don't know about the Rothschild family, they are the wealthiest family in the world, estimated value: 500,000,000,000,000 dollars. Once the CIA realized how easy it was to convince the American public on just about any topic, based upon presentation, they lied us into a war: Vietnam. Gulf of Tonkin Incident.

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