You basic human needs are being sold out from under you!
(Food, Water, Clothing and Shelter)

When I was in school, back with Dino, I was taught that every human being had the absolute right to food, clothing and shelter. Our Preamble to the Constitution makes our Government responsible for our general welfare.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

What are our basic needs and how are they endangered.

Well I'm glad you asked. Let's start with drinking water.

The Nestle corporation ex-chairman Peter Brabeck-Lefmathe back in 2005 declared that all water resources should be privatized. And boy have they gone after them. California in the middle of the worse drought ever and Nestle is drawing 300 million gallons of water a year from their aquifer. I will not list a source to this statement, due to the fact it is so prevalent across the net. Be careful though, Google tends to hide shit like this so you have to be smart and use duck duck go. All over the world they are talking about privatizing your water and making illegal to collect rain water, drill a well or any other means of acquiring water!! You know why Flint, Michigan does not have clean drinking water, anyone, come on anyone… It's so the government has to buy clean drinking water and deliver it to the residence.. Yep, you got it, Nestle is only a few miles away and drawing clean water from the aquifer and bottling it to sell to the Flint residences. LOOK IT UP!! Yea,, I heard that…

Control the oil and control the nation.. Control the food and control the people

OK, so let's go to your food. It was once said and is worth repeating:

That just what they are doing. So, Monsanto has teamed up with Bayer Corporation and are genetically modifying our food chain from the corn you eat to the Salmon from Alaska. Yet, a number of nations have outlawed the use of genetically engineered crops. Yet, when they sample the corm or wheat or just about anything anymore and you find traces of the genetically engineered food. The jury is still out on rather the food is actually safe to eat, but if it says GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) on it, I don't buy it. Also, they have quit teaching farming in most rural schools. When I was in High School, the taught crops, animal husbandry, farm economic and a multitude of other farm related material. There was the 4-H club to help kids grow up on a farm. You had the local Agriculture Department that you could call and describe an issue, bug, cattle, dairy, just whatever. If the person on the phone didn't know what it was, someone would actually come by and look at it with you. From Bees to a sick cow. Everyone cared if a cow was sick, they didn't want their dairy cows to get ill. It was called a community!!!

and has started to undercut all the regular food chains. Yea, that's good'0 Jeff Bezos the second riches man in the world. NO, the second, Jeff's net worth is set at 100 Billion dollars, that's 100,000,000,000 dollars. There is another that seems to never get listed, his estimated net worth is 200 billion dollars, that's 200,000,000,000 dollars. Bet you can't guess who that is. I'll tell you later.

Sorry, I digress…

Anyway, back to Bezos and Whole Foods. Jeff actually took the Walmart playbook and turned it against them. Back when Dino and I could go to the Sinclair service station and fill her up for 4 dollars. There was this dollar store type place that was called Kmart. Had everything cheap and I don't mean cost wise. But as the country had just gone through a spiraling inflation thanks to President Nixon taking OUR money off the gold standard. Created a deep market for Kmart. Kmart created a competitor for Sears since the demise of F. W. Woolworth's Five & Dime closed. Now I shopped there for a while, yea I was broke from a busted business venture. As things began to recover, a new group came on the scene! The first Target store opened in Roseville, Minnesota in 1962 and the Walmart, company was founded by Sam Walton in 1962 and incorporated on October 31, 1969. So they ganged up on Kmart and Sears by what I would call, Illegal market practice. You undercut your competition, even at a losing rate, until they fold or sell out to you! So you come into a community and establish a Walmart store, normally at their cost. How, tax incentives to build in your community. Now they immediately begin to undercut the local merchants. As these merchants go under so do their employees, so does their community. They have to have a job, so they turn to the local Walmart, they are paying to have there, for employment. They find extraordinary low paying jobs awaiting them. But never fear, Walmart will educate them on how they can use United States Government benefits to supplement their income. In layman terms, we all supplement Walmart's business model when we shop there, just for the low prices. Yes, I know I've been there, but the more the community gives to Walmart, the more it will take. How long has it been since you were able to go and buy fresh fruit and vegetables from a local Farmer Market? . They are very quickly being outlawed in many communities.

Salmonella Right Wrong. So now there is a market opening and along comes!

Jeff Bezos entering the scene with his partners in crime the CIA. He was funded to do two things, one bust all local economies by under selling the same products at a loss and create a single source by which to purchase anything you NEED at whatever PRICE!!! Very soon he could control not only your food source, but your medications, water you drink, clothes you wear and the very insurance to go to the doctor. Tell me, what could go wrong with one man owning the single source of consumption. Now what could possibly go wrong, click, wrong click, wrong click.

He purchases the Washington Post for 300 million dollars. One of the most prestigious of American newspapers and turns it into a rag for the CIA. Oh no, then ask him what the 600 million dollar contract with the CIA, just months after buying it, was about. I'd call that just low down shenanigans.

So Sears and Kmart went at it, Target and Walmart went at it , while all along aiming at kmart/sears. Amazon is after the whole shebang.

So let's end up with your housing. This is one of the first things I began to notice. It actually occurred where my mother lives in North Carolina. We used to have a great neighbor who was a farmer. He let my Dad, and the rest of the family in servitude to my Dad, work and learn to plant corn, beans, potatoes and a whole mess of things. I use to camp in the woods between Uncle John's farm and our house. John passed away while I was away at college and his wife shortly after. John's son had no real use for the farm, since he was an engineer somewhere. A developer purchased the property, came in and thought he was going to run roughshod over my parents, which he quickly learned my father was a construction engineer and someone you just don't piss off. Anyway, they built a wall between the development and my parents' house. It was crazy the price they were asking. After the models opened my father and I went to look inside a completed units. You see, back then, it was around 64 dollars per square foot under air, you paid for a truly nice house. I'm talking all the amenities, chair railing, crown molding in every room, curved walls and staircases from heaven. Fireplaces that could have kept the soldiers at Valley Forge warm. No tile, except in the huge restrooms, they didn't have bathrooms. Slate rock for entry flooring, hardwood and plaster throughout the remainder with the exception of the kitchen. Again rock or concrete flooring for sanitation. Anyway, you get the picture. Now you look into these units and it was, wood frame, chicken wire stucco on the outside and sheet rock on the inside. I know I'm drawing this out, but for a point. The homes were, in my father's opinion would bring down the value of our home and community. The homes may be selling for, at the time exurbanite prices, but as he put it, they will be a slum or money pit, he wasn't sure which. This was some thirty years ago and it has become a little of both.

In those thirty years since, I've noticed the loss of small single family communities, with four types of homes, the starter, a single bedroom bungalow for the single individual just starting out. The beginner, husband and wife just started life before starting a family, one bedroom with a living room, kitchen, possibly a dinette area. The family starter, same as the beginner, except it has a larger master bedroom with a small nursery accessible from the master bedroom. The family is growing two bedroom. The same as the family starter with the addition of a small bedroom for the first child. You get the idea, all the way up to custom homes with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. They have all been replaced by apartments so expensive/small you can't breathe. As a comedian once said, his apartment was so small he had to go outside just to change his mind or a $500,000.00 dollar home. If I truly had the money, that's where I would place it. A Commune . The purpose would be to see all had a roof over their heads and off the normal grid. That was what I first remember about where I grew up in North Carolina. The community actually had a name "Gordon Manor" and had everything one would need. Fuel, doctor, pharmacist, barber/salon (local gossip centers), schools, volunteer fire brigade (or Saturday night poker I mean training). I learned to drink corn liquor at the local service station while learning never to drink it while playing poker. There was a sense of belonging, of being part of something. Know who was ill and could use an extra hand or two. You also knew who was doing who, or at least who they thought was doing who! It was community, the people actually went to PTA meetings and help make the decisions on the educational process of their children. Yes, we had those that were outside the community yet had to interact with it. It just seemed we all worked it out. Sometimes good, sometime not so good!

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